WHAT / WHERE - Haus of Hands is a design house based in Seattle, Washington. It is an unconventional shape shifter. Pillows, textiles, fashion, art... It's all in our scope! Haus of Hands is campy, dreamy, spiritual, and OTHERWORLDLY.

WHO - The Haus of Hands team consists of one designer and one perfect grey cat. Perhaps in the future there will be more of us...

HOW - We use fabric that catches our eye! Whether it be vintage fabric we find at an estate sale, fashion fabric from MOOD, or grandma fabric from Joanne. Everything is designed and assembled by hand with a Singer sewing machine in Pioneer Square. 

WHY - Haus of Hands is grateful to everybody who finds their way here:)

You complete our process and our work by expressing yourself through our items.

It is a privilege and an honor to make nice things for you.


For any inquiries or special orders please contact:

[email protected]

©Haus of Hands, 2021.